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The website for climbing in the Argolis region of Greece, the definitive source for information about the largest sport climbing area on the mainland of Greece with all the facts and links you need, presented by the developer and guide author.

About this site.
This site was developed to help all those interested in climbing in the Argolis, one of the finest `sun rock´destinations in the Mediterranean, with superb climbing, easy access and no car break-ins!

All route development in the area was privately financed and purchase of the guide book will contribute to the further expansion of the area.

Note.: This site is under development and will be refined with better photo topos when I get them finished. The site is planned to expand to cover the rest of the Peloponese, for the moment any new route information for these areas can be sent to me to be included in the news section.

A new print guide is being planned and I require good photos for the topos including the other cliffs in the Peloponese, preferably taken early or late in the year so they are not so washed out. If you have any good pictures then the best format is uncompresseg jpeg or similar and burnt onto a cd. Please don´t send them by e-mail!

Naturally a good print, slide or negative is also acceptable for me to scan in. Thanks.


Guide Book


The print guide is now sold out and the guide is now available as a free print-out in pdf format

Guide Print-out

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News,comment and new routes can be sent in any language but we only guarantee to understand it in English and German!